Trading Intentions

One day a prince was wandering in his kingdom. He found a beautiful orchard that belonged to one of the people. He entered the orchard. He found a small girl. He asked her who the orchard belongs to. She said, “It belongs to my father.” He asked her if she has anything to drink. She went and returned with some nice pomegranate juice. The prince took a sip and he liked it, it was tasty and sweet. He asked the girl, “Where did you get this juice?” She said that she picked it from her pomegranate tree. Then, he asked her how many pomegranates it took to make this juice. She said that she squeezed only one pomegranate.
He asked her again to get him some more juice. While she went to get more juice, the prince thought to himself, “This tree should be in my garden, when I leave I will send for my soldiers to take this orchard for my own.” The girl returned with the drink. The drink was half the amount of the first one, and it tasted bitter. He asked her if she used the same tree. She answered that it was. He asked her how many pomegranates it took to make the drink. She said that she used five pomegranates. He asked why it tasted bitter, and why it took five pomegranates to make half the amount of the first drink. The girl told the prince that perhaps the prince’s intention has changed.


Do not spoil your good deeds with bad intentions. An old saying states, “Trade with intentions like Trading with scientists.” Earn good people around you, and do not mistrust people who give you their trust and treat you with good intentions.